26 November 2015
APMP Accreditation ProgrammeBenefits to Individuals
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APMP Approved Training Organisation

Programme Benefits to Individuals  

The benefits for individuals of being recognized under our professional accreditation program are: 

Career Progress

Individuals will become more valuable to employers because an APMP accreditation: 

  • Proves ability as a proposal manager
  • Proves impact as a proposal manager
  • Provides a “mark of quality”
  • Identifies Proposal Managers for recruitment, promotion and succession planning 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Not everyone has what it takes to achieve an APMP accreditation—achieving this differentiates you from other proposal managers: 

  • APMP accredited proposal managers are still a small percentage of the proposal management population
  • Those achieving APMP accreditation have a current, proven and independently assessed record of proposal management
  • No other scheme offers such tangible proof of impact 

Gain Professional Respect and Credibility

APMP accredited proposal managers have equal standing with professionals in other professions. They: 

  • Demonstrate their commitment to reviewing and improving their skills and performance
  • Move internally throughout organizations, and externally throughout industries, with recognized skills and credentials
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